Hello and thanks for visiting my site!

I have been a full time photographer in Vail Colorado since 2011 and haven't looked back since! I love photography for a variety of reasons. It's constant technical challenges, the way it makes you look and think about  light, and the emotion you can convey through images.

With wedding photography I become part of your wedding through the time we spend together and the images I provide to you. It's an extremely intimate relationship, and for this I am grateful to be part of your special day! My approach is laid back and easy going. While I'm constantly trying to produce the most beautiful and emotional images I can, it is also important to me that you enjoy the process of shooting with me.

When I'm not shooting weddings I keep busy shooting all kinds of things for a many different clients.  If you are interested the other stuff I do you visit my sister site at photo.zachmahone.com

When I'm not taking pictures you will probably find me outside climbing, snowboarding, biking, or paddle boarding. Feel free to drop me a line at Zach@zachmahone.com or give me a call at 386.795.2741 if want to get a hold of me. I look forward to hearing from you!

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